Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just because I'm home does not mean I'm available.

Dear Upstairs Neighbor -
  I do my best to come to the door with a smile on face when you knock, and say hi when you happen to be on your deck as I come in and or out of my unit. With all due respect, our lifestyles are not condusive to any substantial relationship, but I'm more than happy to be friendly. I understand that living on a lower unit in a building built in the 1980's says there isn't a lot that can be done about the noise of your kids running around like rhinos, and I'm sure that occasionally you hear my TV or what not from down here.
  Just because I'm home does not, however, mean I am available to answer the door. Due to the large number of solicitor's lately, I don't answer the front door during the day unless I'm expecting a package delivery or repairman.
  However, knocking the rear sliding glass door of my apartment is not okay. Ever. I will never answer a knock on the rear glass door short of an emergency. (Even in that case, emergency workers announce themselves.)
   Especially after 10pm at night.
  Yes, I know you knew I was home. I know you could hear my TV.  However, I was watching Game of Thrones with My Sailor and was unavailable to attend to your need - even if you had knocked at my front door.
The Downstairs Gal

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  1. ugh what the hell? I hate that about neighbors lol :( that's the whole reason I moved to the other side of the complex in a new building- after I stopped answering the door she got all anal and started nosing even more. it sucks living in an apartment sometimes. Just tell them that uh you dont really appreciate it and if they do it again you'll report it to the land lord :)