Friday, May 27, 2011

Good News and Work News

First, the work news:
It's easy to think that, since I work from home and my job didn't require a 4 year degree (just a test-passing certification), my job must be a piece of cake. Well, if you call dealing with annoyed doctors "a piece of cake" than this is the job for you! Did I mention the FBI comes to visit if I screw up? (Hasn't happened yet, but it doesn't sound like a social call to me.)

Last week, my work computer crashed. I mean worse than blue-screen-of-death crashed. Hard drive and RAM failure...

Anyway, I shipped it back to HQ and they shipped me out a new one. My company was awesome to pay me for the few days off in the without dipping into my currently non-existant PTO.

This means I'll be working over the holiday weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. It's unavoidable. Between the set back of this week and going to a wedding in Yosemite next week, I can't prevent working about 5 hrs on both days, and 10 hr days during the week to make up a few hours. While I appreciate having a job, it can feel a bit overwhelming when all I do is work work work. Then again - I had a few days of forced vacation to get other stuff done too. I'm sure things will loosen up next month.

On to the Good News:
I got a part in a local production of Into the Woods! It's a favorite musical of mine. I get to play Jack's Mother. Sure, I was going for The Baker's Wife or The Witch, but this is a very funny party as well. Jack's Mom is a bit of a crazy old bat, and I have history of playing crazy old bats, so it'll be fun to show my stuff - during one of the hardest musicals ever written.

More on the good news front:
I get to drive to Yosemite during the first weekend in June! I've been dying to go there and Green Guy and his gal gave me a great excuse. "Will you sing at our wedding?" YES! Of Course! Anything you want!
The wedding is at Glacier Point. I haven't been to Yosemite since I was a kid (camping) and I don't remember it. I remember my brother and I putting on puppet shows for our parents in the woods on  a camping trip, but I couldn't tell you where it was. (Our folks say it's was in Yosemite.) I'm pretty excited about it (after I got over the disappoint that My Sailor will be staying behind to care for Clydas - since he might have duty over that weekend.) I'm really looking forward to the road trip though! I love road trips, and it's been a long time since I've been on a solo one. Usually at LEAST the dog is with me.

Should be fun! Expect lots of pictures in June.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your computer. :( But glad that there was good news, too. A wedding in Yosemite sounds gorgeous. Enjoy yourself!