Friday, March 25, 2011

Relocation Nation: Clydas gets his Threads

Today Clydas reminded me just how awesome he is.

Really - he's the perfect dog for me.

Clydas has probably lived in 6 places in his 6 years of life. His ability to quickly adjust to change amazes me. He's dealt with me working AND doing shows. He's dealt with me working AND dating AND doing shows. He's dealt with me working from home. He's dealt with me bringing in a roommate who brings in his girlfriend. He's been on road trips with me (all went over pretty well), writing hikes (where we stop often so I can write and he can rest - he likes these in the summer), camping (which he hasn't loved), Disneyland, and coffee shops too. He's shared his dwelling with cats and dogs (though he seems to love people the best).

He's truely an adaptable dog!

He took to his bed quickly, so I wondered how he would handle new clothes. It's not cold enough to wear them around here. It's a "chilly" 65 degrees. But Clydas is quite possibly the most awesome dog ever.

Or maybe he just trusts that what I do for him IS in his best interests. I'm not sure, but here's what his new threads look like, as well as my "official" review:

The fit is GREAT! If something doesn't fit Clydas right, he tugs at it like crazy and hates it. He LOVES his Tummy Warmer. He's lived in it over the last 2 days. (I never realized how cold he must have been before!) He seems more relaxed in it, wags his nub and everything, so he's very happy with it. In fact, when I take it off, he whines and tries to get it!

Clydas loves everything EXCEPT the hood on the rain coat, but I think that'll be awesome as soon as it's raining. He hates water on his head and in his ears.

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