Tuesday, March 22, 2011

8 days and 14 hours and Redecorating

That's how much time I left in California.

When I think of it like that, I realize how precious this moment is. Yes, I'm very excited to be moving on to forge a new chapter in my book, but at the same time I find myself nostalgic. The interesting thing I notice is that, the more nostalgic I become, the more I realize a chapter has closed. I haven't been able to participate in the things I love over the last year or so, so I haven't really forged too many enduring friendships here. I have my old friends and I am confident their love will follow me where ever I go. I feel the same way about my family. Their love and support has been a huge part of my ability to do this move.  

Last weekend Mom and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got me some new bedding. I've been in desperate need of it for some time.

My current bedding is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it's definately showing it's age (and not in an "oh, that's so quaint" sort of way). It's full of rich dark colors, which is a beautiful contrast to the bright sunny days we have here in So Cal.

Well, up north there will be less bright sunny days, so I want to something bright to help liven up the place. While fall colors are my favorites (deep reds, purples, golds, oranges...), they can be a little heavy/gloomy when it's overcast outside nearly all the time.

So here's what I got:
Pretty cool, eh?

My Sailor likes it because it means I have to keep Clydas off the bed. But I'm getting Clydas his own comfy places today. Hopefully he'll like them more than than the bed to help keep the transition easy.  Just have to get a black blanket to go with it and I'm all set! My Sailor is on painting duty on arrival, so we'll work out what to paint the rooms when we get a chance. I'm thinking, for this room... maybe a solid color accent wall behind the bed with the black pattern continuing? Any suggestions from out there in the blogosphere?

I'm also working on getting Clydas a dog bed. More on that later, but it's been quite the journey! Do I go cushy or supportive? Round or square? Bolstered? Pillowed? Ah! Too many options! (The saner side of me finds it incredible that I'm being so indecisive about a DOG BED. I mean, the dog sleeps on my terry cloth robe if I leave it on the floor. I doubt he'll be as picky as I am FOR him.) I'm looking to get 2 - one for the bedroom (warm and snuggly one) and one for the living room near the fireplace (more supportive probably). Does that sound cozy or what?

My Sailor is picking me up a work desk before he comes over. YEAH! An actual desk! I work off a large folding table right now. It works great for the space I currently have in my bedroom, but I can't wait to have an actual office space in the next place. Yeah!

I am looking forward more and more to getting moved in and set up. Then I can spend time on weekends doing my crafty stuff. I can find a yoga studio to get out and meet some like minded folks. I can try new places and pick my local haunts and all that jazz.

All in all, I feel the timing is right for this. It's what I needed...
 And not a minute too soon.


  1. Yay for new adventures and new bedding! :)

    I need a dog bed for my dog, but he seems to like the futon just fine as well as his crate

  2. Of course I love the fact that Clydas can't be on the bed. Why? Because when I slept over Christmas Vacation he stepped on my, well you know, not once, but twice!!! Anyways I love the little guy and he is pretty fun to play with but that bed just isn't big enough for Jaime, Clydas, and I. Anyways I look forward to moving to Washington the weekend of April 15th. It will be the best adventure yet.

  3. He he he. Boxers aren't known for being delicate, and he's not used to a man sleeping over.

    Thankfully, he LOVES his new bed!