Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Relocation Nation: Emotional Processing

Most of the time, when I talk about the big move coming up, I'm ready to say goodbye to my hometown for a while and blaze a new trail in Washington state.

But every once in a while, I miss home.
The thing I miss most?

 My family.

We have a close, casual relationship. They are a huge support and help with this new chapter of my life and I'm going to miss going out to breakfast with my parents on weekends, and getting the "Wanna do dinner together?" random phone calls. Sure they could still call me, but it'll be a 2 hour flight and a few $100 plane ticket to take them up on it.

Yes, I'll be visiting home often, I'm sure. ESPECIALLY with the wedding right around the corner.

I had a good cry about it a couple of weeks back. I knew it was coming. It's necessary to moarn the past to move into the future sometimes.

But knowing I'm building a stronger present and future is worth every tear and moment of homesickness.

And knowing that My Sailor is taking this adventure with me?


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  1. I still get homesick and I am only 30 minutes away from my family hehe