Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Relocation Nation: Etsy & Clydas

Clydas is almost ready for the move.


He just needs one more thing - the bed I'm going to pick out for him this weekend. It's a gift from My Sailor to the #1 pup! (How sweet is that?) I'm shopping for a dog bed that helps support his joints, yet is soft and comfortable for him, and possibly has it's own warming unit. So we'll see what I find. I have my eye on a Foster Smith bed but I hear CostCo has some great ones as well.

See, Clydas is a boxer. That means he has a short nose AND short fur. Dogs with short noses have trouble regulating their tempurature. Dogs with short fur have trouble staying warm under 60(ish) degrees.

The average temp lately at our new home? Around 48. And it rains almost daily.

So Clydas needs some extra gear to make the move as comfortable as possible.

I've replaced his seatbelt harness he's had since puppy-hood with a new one, to ensure the vinyl strap that attaches him to the seat belt is solid.

Clydas also needs something to keep him warm.
I'm unsure how he'll react to booties, so he's going sans-footwear for now.

After searching high and low, I found something I am really happy with on This craftsmen has been making custom dog coats for about 16 years. I love supporting the little guy, and Etsy is all about the handmade crafts.

I ordered both of these in burgandy, so Clydas is bound to be the best prepared boxer on the block!

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