Thursday, March 10, 2011

President's Day Weekend Montage

So if you've been following my blog, you know I was lucky enough to visit My Sailor over President's Day weekend.

While we're looking forward to seeing each other in late April, that's a LONG stretch. On my end, time is FLYING as I prepare for the move, sketch out wedding ideas, speak with vendors, and try to get everything else done.

One of my pet projects are montages. They are a good way for me to focus on great memories in my "downtime". In fact, I wish I had more downtime! I haven't been able to touch My Sailor's Christmas trip to California, or our engagment weekend in Disney World yet! I'll get to them... eventually.

But here's a little photo recap of the President's weekend trip! We went to Amelia Island and Fernandia Beach in Florida, and Kings Bay and St. Mary's in Georgia. It was a wonderfully relaxing few days!

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  1. Jaime, you have such an amazing voice. In fact I have a hard time coming up with things that you aren't absolutely amazing at. I will always love and cherish the time that we spend together.
    I cannot wait until those times include when we finally get to live together as husband and wife after the big day. You mean everything to me.