Friday, April 1, 2011

Relocation Nation - first leg done.

So Clydas and I have have something in common.
Both of our stomachs are growling right now.
 In his case, he refuses to eat. In my case, I'd LOVE breakfast, but I have a dog and I can't leave him in the hotel room alone (so much for complimentary breakfast). I'm waiting until my brother wakes up so we can get some food, score me some cold medicine, and get back on the road.

I spent my last night in Escondido having dinner with my family at Hacienda De Vega. It's one of my favorite spots and the weather was beautiful for it. Sadly, the kitchen wasn't ready for the demand and we had some trouble with our dishes. But the drinks were great and the company was great as well.

I guess I expected to have more feelings about moving away from my hometown. But I'm surprisingly happy and at peace with the whole decision and process. Sure, I'll probably feel differently when my family (who is coming to WA with me - my brother and I driving and my parents flying) leaves on Tuesday. But I'm looking forward to it in some ways too. The peace and quiet of being on my own for a few weeks will be a refreshing change from the world of commotion that is life with a roommate (and his girlfriend).

Anyway, I've got a bit of a cold that I'm working on. Sore throat and a cough mostly. But I'm determined not to let it get me down!


  1. I am really excited to see you in a few weeks. Sorry that you aren't feeling well; I hope that your cold passes soon. Hopefully Clydas starts eating soon and I hope that your brother wakes up soon. Anyways I know that your determination will see you through to the end. I love you and can't wait to join you up there!

  2. Iknow you can do this - you are a strong woman! Don't let yourself get dehydrated. Be careful!