Friday, April 29, 2011

A little Satin Motivation

Disclaimer: This is NOT my gown.

So when I start feeling it while I'm working out, I close my eyes and I think of photographs of the back of my dress. Afterall, the BACK of a wedding gown is something that will be seen A LOT, and photographed a lot too.

So, the upsides of my dress (Click here to see the post about my dress on my other blog) is that it has a laced corset type back, which is much more forgiving of a pound of two.

But that said, I've seen a lot of heavy girls wear corseted dresses. Sometimes it loses that beautiful V design due to the bride's rounder figure. I happen to LOVE that "V" shape in the back. Especially with the special laces I'll be using.

In order to have that shape, the love handles gotta go. Well, at least they need to be minimized more than they are. Even at my leanest, I've always had an hourglass shape. I don't intend for that to change in the next few months.

I've closed my eyes while on the elltipical and pictured our first dance, how I want to look and feel during that moment... and I can't wait! I know I can get there. My expectations are realistic.
It's just a matter of planning the work (meals/work outs) and working the plan!


  1. Everything is in your reach. Just be reasonable- remember that S loves you for you no matter your weight :)You will look beautiful

  2. Yup! That's the BEST part! My Sailor is happy no matter what. :)