Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Define yourself for yourself

Lately, I've been a tad bit grumpy. It's mostly due to the changes I've been needing to make in my eating habits - and the differences between men and women.

See, My Sailor can get away with eating almost 2000 calories/day. If I did that, I'd no longer fit into my comfy new computer chair. So while he's making down on a couple extra meals a day (and losing weight), I'm getting used to being a bit hungry as I kick the old habits out of bed and get back to the new habits. We just started P90X to help me burn/earn some extra calories, and to help us both get some definition.

So to break my grumpy streak (I'm sure PMS isn't helping either), I thought I'd share something a bit more positive.

After gaining back 6lbs in about a week, I've felt like giving up on the whole weight loss gig. But the truth is, I have just defined myself as fat and a lost cause for too long. Time to remember that my body is actually stronger and more athletic than I give it credit for. I'm not uselss or broken. It's true that I'm often tired and I'm still adjusting to a different surrounding that makes me lean toward comfort foods. But it's up to me whether I'm broken or not. Sometimes, it's okay to feel broken, but that will pass. When it comes down to it, the woman staring back at me in the mirror has always had more fight in her than she's realized. Time to stop stuffing it and direct that energy to something positive. This move is a great chance to redefine me. So here I am - defined as a beautiful, well balanced, strong, woman who survived more than she ever thought she'd face, and didn't just "live" through it, but thrived through it. I'm only as broken as I decide I am. And I've decided I'm done with that stinkin' thinkin'. The powerful woman I feel I am after P90X is exactly who I really am.  I am worth Easter hikes and laughing and feeling beautiful.  I am worth never giving up on. There are days we all feel like (fill in the explative) here, but those days pass.

Here's another positive along that line to share.
 My Sailor and I discovered this week.

I follow the "Living A Changed Life" blog and decided to try one of her recipies. The author is working on becoming a Weight Watcher's guru and she has some great ideas to keep the yummy in the "on plan" days. So My Sailor and I try the Berry Cobbler recipe. Even the Navy guys who came over to share some with us LOVED it!
And it was great! We topped it with some cinnamon, and it was HARD not to go back for seconds!
We made 2 pans using all of the ingredients listed on the recipe, including the amounts.

Now, it's time for me get back to work and get the productivity moving!

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  1. Jake and I joined a boxing gym about 3 weeks ago. It's the hardest I've ever pushed myself to work out. And it's so much fun. And for Jake, being someone that never enjoyed working out, and never did except for in high school...he is loving it! We now own our own boxing gloves, and the classes are amazing. They are like boot camp! And each class I've attended, the instructors mix it up every time. I've weighed myself a couple of times, and haven't dropped any weight, but I believe I AM gaining muscle....which is awesome! I feel stronger than I've ever felt. And it's become something we do together, and is way more fun than going to the bar or even out to dinner. Once those endorphins are kicking, you feel like you can take on anything. :) Keep up the good work!!