Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The first few days

Some sense of normalcy is returning, now that I'm moved into the new place.

I'm back to work, both at the magazine and at my day job. Clydas and I are back to our daily routines and I'm working on making the place feel like home. Reality sets in and the truth is, no one likes downsizing. But I know it's giving me the chance to clear out some bills - to bring my California dollars to Washington and more quickly pay off some annoying credit cards, and it's FINALLY putting My Sailor and I in the same time zone. I'm really looking forward to getting into the arts community here. And even in my little town of about 11 thousand people, there are a couple little theaters that are putting on some really awesome shows.

The cold is really taking some getting used to. The average of about 40 degrees is making my joints ache as my body grows accustomed to it's new surroundings. But the area is beautiful - there is no denying that. Tall evergreens grow everywhere, springing up through mossy, grassy damp earth. There is a fresh, crisp taste to the air. While it rains, it never feels muggy, like the desert rains I am accustomed to.

I love that a cozy fire is possible and appropriate even on a spring evening like this. There is a silence that seems to seep into everything out here. I can see why great artists have often sought places with this type of silence. It BEGS to be filled with every kind of art, noise, and expression.  This could be very good for me.

My family has really stepped up to the plate to ease the transition too. My mom has taken to calling me every day on her way home from work. My dad texts and calls occasionally as well. And my brother just called to shoot the breeze. My Sailors sisters reach out as well and I appreciate all of it. Not knowing anyone up here can make it feel a bit lonely sometimes. I make sure to take a photo a day on my cell phone to post on Facebook or send to my family and friends. Staying connected is vital for me - my sanity, my happiness, my creativity, AND my future husband. My sailor has been really great this week, even though he's undergoing his own huge transition. We do our best to listen to each other and walk through this adventure hand in hand. It isn't always easy, but most growing experiences in life aren't completely painless. We're both learning a lot in how to be there for each other without physically being able to "be there". Communication is a skill that we're continuing to hone, but he's been especially great in being there for tearful moments, moments when worry gets the better of me, and every day, no matter what mood I've been wrestling with, he's right there - offering me whatever I seem to need.  What can I say - I love him. For a million reasons - he continues to prove to me every day why he's earned the special place he's captured in my heart.


  1. Aww I am glad that you are settling in and every one is making the transition easier on you. I can't stop laughing at Clydas' face.

    That dog is precious!

  2. It sounds like the transition is going really well over all. Enjoy the new daily routine! The social stuff will come later.

  3. He took My Last Name - Yeah, Clydas has "pathetic" down to an art form. He knows how to work it!

    Carly - Thanks! I know you've uprooted several times. I appreciate the encouragement. :)

  4. I won't fall for the pathetic look of Clydas. I am not as easily swayed. Anyways glad that I can be a lot of help this week. Can't wait to see you soon