Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Post that will Make you Hate Me AKA Photos Of My Home Gym

This week, working out has been a little extra essential. It flushes out Cortisol (stress hormones) that are pretty much raging. It's Month End at work, which means more pressure, more stress. My Sailor is out Finding Nemo, which is an odd mixture of dread, reliefe, and responsibility. The situation with the roommate is still up in the air. He might move out in 4 weeks. He might stay longer. We'll see.

So with all of that going on, working out helps me stay sane and relatively level headed.

And this week has been a great week to get outside and work out at my 'home gym' (which currently includes a speed rope and a yoga mat... amazing how much you can do with that).

Tuesday's self-imposed work out was as many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of -

50 Jump rope skips unbroken...
15 sit ups....
5 Burpees

I managed to get about 7 1/3rd rounds done. Probably could have done 8 rounds done if it wasn't for wrestling with my Ipod for a bit.

Wednesday's work outs had me rowing sprints (750 meters in just over 3 minutes, 500 meters in about 2 minutes and 07 seconds, and 200 meters in about 58 seconds), and lifting some serious weight (4 rounds of 175lbs Deadlifts x3, 30lbs Bulgarian Split Squats x 10, Sit ups x 10). It was one of those work outs will I willed myself (successfully) not to throw up. After a short lunch meeting with a friend, I hit the grocery store, and the wall hit me. I was absolutely exhuasted. Thanks to my work out, though, I slept amazingly well last night...and woke up sore in places I wasn't sure I had.

Today, I've been sitting on my large yoga ball at work as I plan out my work and play schedule for the next week.  Today is supposed to be my 'rest' day, but I'm antsy and can barely sit still... Odin feels the same way, so I'm seeing an extra long walk in our future (at the very least).

One consistant thing I keep hearing is, "I wish I had your dedication." That's not to toot my own horn - because I don't think what I'm experiencing is extraordinary in any way. Some people use music as their outlet - and I still sing while I work out or around the house or the occasional kareoke night. Some people play video games... we all have an outlet.

The only 'dedication' involved was deciding that this one is going to be mine.

Lucky for me, it works.

I've already 'reaped the benefits' of being lazy, down on myself, and a huge complainer. I've already been there, done that. I already know that sugar might make me temporarily feel better, but won't actually 'fix' anything. I've already wished I could wake up and look like fill-in-celebrity-female-here.

Now, the only female celebrity I'd like to have the body of is Beyonce (seriously - have you SEEN those thighs?! AMAZING!), but the truth is, even if I DID have 'that' body, I'd still find SOMETHING to work on. We are our own worst critics.  Even now, my goals keep changing. First, I wanted to finish a 5k. DONE!

Now, I want to finish a StrongMan Competition. (August 24th! It's less than a MONTH away!)

My thinking has changed. Now, instead of NEEDING to see 170's on a scale, I think it would be pretty neat to see myself doing 100lb bench press (I'm 25 lbs away from this at last check). I think it would be pretty neat to see myself doing an unassisted handstand and/or pull up.

And I think it would be pretty cool to see my book in print.

Ah, goals... Yup, I have a lot to look forward to this summer.


  1. So you're in the Strongman this year? Very nice!
    Stress is not alot of fun. It can under mind what we want to do.
    I think what you're doing is great. I wish I could hold myself up to do a handstand. I am not there yet. I have to use the rubber bands for pull ups.It is really a pain in the but, to get in the bands.I have to use the heavy duty ones.
    Love the view in your pictures. :)
    Oh.. I almost got to visit the puke bucket yesterday too. I was told if I puke in it, I can sign it. haha

  2. You certainly have come a long way with your training and surpassing every goal you have set for yourself. I truly enjoy reading how wonderful you feel and learning about your journey,