Friday, July 27, 2012

T minus 2 weeks!

Last night's Girls Night hang out was great fun. Let's just say it's funny to try and play Taboo after a couple glasses of wine.

But that's not the blog I want to write today.

Obviously this blog is about how excited I'm getting for our California trip coming up in about 2 weeks!

My Sailor has actually been to Disney World more than he's been to Disneyland - but that is about to change, and I couldn't be more excited about it!
My Sailor on the Matterhorn for the 1st time, 12/2010
 Not only am I looking forward to sharing the newly renovated DCA (Disney California Adventure) with my new extended family, but I'm really looking forward to that "home" feeling I get whenever I see that castle. It's like a breath of fresh air.
I know some readers don't "get it". And that's okay. Yes, I know it's not a "real" castle. I'm old enough to understand the mechanics of how it the attractions are built. In fact, as the Disneyland Columnist of for Celebrations Press, I get to research these attractions in depth. I can tell you how many gallons of hydrolic fluid are in each Indiana Jones and The Temple of the Forbidden Eye attraction vehicle. I know why the crate inside the Matterhorn has the word "Wells" written on it. I can tell you the history behind Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as well as the mythology around it. I can even tell you what is in this Disneyland Time Capsule I'm photographed with below.

Me with the 'Time Castle' 12/2011
But none of that diminishes the magic for me. I'm entirely sure how Disney clicked with me. I guess all I can say is that it speaks to the dreamer in me. Many people, as they grow into adulthood, they forget what it was like to day dream. Or the day dreams change. Instead of day dreaming on what it would be like to find a unicorn grazing in a secluded forest, they change to "what would I do if money were no object?". Disney Parks to me are an embodiment of those day dreams. They are the next best thing to actually touching that fantastic mythical creature in the woods - at least for me.

That said, I've had the privledge to make some amazing memories in Disneyland. Though we didn't plan the wedding to be near here originally, it's amazing how things have fallen into place. Instead of taking everyone to Disney World, I get to add to my amazing list of Disneyland memories with so many friends and family that my head is swimming.
I'm also incredibly excited to share this with all the first timers! From My Sailor's family to Green Guy and Green Gal... It's going to be a blast. The only time I was with a group this large was when I graduated from High School in 1998! Granted, we won't be commando-ing the parks all together. But I suspect it'll be a delightful mixture of smelling the flowers, getting some sun, and partying like a rock star.... Mouse-style.
Some of My Sailor's Family and I in EPCOT, 3/2011
Lil Sis and I on the Matterhorn,11/2009?  

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