Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wedding Week Recap - Travel Day to Sea World

Where to start about our travel day? It really started the day before, as we finished packing and last minute crafts for the wedding. On about one hour of sleep, we were up and waiting for the our shuttle to the airport.

And that's where the hiccups began. But what is a big trip like this without a couple of hiccups?

When the shuttle arrived, we were informed that we'd booked the wrong day. We were actually on the list for the day before, and were a "no show". This shuttle was full, so we had to wait for the next one.

An hour of napping in the car at 2am later, and we made it aboard the next shuttle. They were kind enough to let us ride without having to pay again. We arrived at the airport just in time to check our bags and make our flight. We had decided to buy a few of the bigger things while in California - like Sean's suit for the wedding, the frame for our signature frame/guestbook, and a few other odds and ends. My mom was keeping my dress safe and sound in CA.

I have to say Virgin is my new favorite airline. At first, I was reluctant. After all, what does a producing company know about flying? While I'm sure their artists are very familiar with some high flying that doesn't involve airplanes, I doubted their ability to run an awesome airline. But in this case, the price was right, so I booked. I used Expedia to book, but went through Ebates, so I got Expedia reward points, and a few bucks back from Ebates on top of the already discounted price. Not bad. I figured I could suffer through a few hours on even a bad plane for the right price.

In this case, there was nothing "bad" about the plane!  Their seats were comfortable and came complete w/ a great free mix of music and movies to help pass the time. And they treat military REALLY well - like 10 bags free checked well!
However, they did manage to misplace one of our bags. It just happened to be our 1 bag that had our wedding goodies safely tucked away too (including fans for the bridesmaids, my bridal fan, my rehearsal outfit, the girls' wraps, our love letter box, and the flower girl's Mickey). After filing a report, Virgin went looking for it. While we were picked up by my dad and whisked off to lunch at Point Loma Seafood.  It was a great quick stop before we headed into my hometown for the night.

I jumped into a Zumba class before joining my parents for dinner at the house, just the 4 of us. It was really nice to relax and get to know each other. There was some mix up in getting our bag back to us. We knew they found it. At first, they called saying they'd drop it off between 6pm and 8pm. Perfect for us to head to bed early. Then it was by 10pm... after that, people stopped answering the phone as I left messages every hour asking for a status update. Around 2am, we gave up waiting and went to bed. The next day, they called back, apologized and said they'd drop off the bag between 9am and 11am. It arrived (safe and sound) at 10:45am. Whew! At least we got it - and everything was in one peice, but I'll be writing them a letter to let them know that this part of our experience was FAR less than pleasurable.

After that, we used our military free day and headed into Sea World!

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