Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting out on the right side of bed.

I always get out on the left side of the bed. This morning, waking up to a call from My Sailor on his way home, that was the 'right' side of the bed to get up on.

Today is looking brighter (and I don't just mean that it's sunny - it's been sunny most of the week). Getting out of bed before 9am helped.

Getting up early is a good key for me to keep me active and positive, even if I'm not a 'morning person'. I don't bounce out of bed wondering what the day will bring, but I do roll out of bed and suck every peaceful second I can out of early mornings. I feel SO much more productive when I get up early, and that's a great start!

And it's a HUGE reliefe to wake up already feeling better, because today could have been one of those days where the stupid- irrational thoughts got the better of me. After all, I'm sitting here working and My Sailor came home and dashed off to a Magic Tournament a few hours later. A few days ago, that would have really chapped my hide, but today, it works and I'm happy with it. While he's gone, I'll earn some money, get some chores done, and maybe even head down to run a very special errand in Tukwilla...
Me and my Matron of honor on our last Disneyland girl's trip - Hard to believe that was 2009!
I'm going to be picking up my Matron of Honor's dress today! She lives in a rural area of Norther California and was unable to get to a dress shop, so she took some measurements, picked out her dress, and I called and ordered it. Once I pick it up, it'll go in the mail to her on Monday. I'm super excited! I just wish she were here to enjoy all the fun of it with me - and I'm sure she wishes she were here too! Last I heard, she was moving into a new house with 2 sick kids! Maybe I should throw some kid "get well soon" stuff in that package w/ her dress. Kleenex makes great packing material afterall!

I also have an amazing wedding coordinator out working on finding us a suitable cake within our budget. I hope the WTTM team enjoy CHOCOLATE because that's what our cake is all about!

I'm really looking forward to the trip in August! Just think... this time next month, we'll be snorkeling with the leopard sharks in La Jolla (Click here to be linked to the honeyfund if you want to sponsor that snorkling trip), followed by a trip to Sea World, San Diego -  (which is FREE, thank you Military Discount!)! August 7th is going to be a great day - the first day of a much needed vacation, which will include both family time AND couple time. WAHOO!  I'm still sweating the finances a little, but I know work doesn't have the coverage for me to be gone, so I'm just going to work my tail off this month. Hopefully the OT will off-set the few unpaid days I'll be taking. But the great thing about a road trip honeymoon - we have the car covered, the hotels are free, so all we really HAVE to cover is food (picnic style if we want to go on the cheap) and attractions (lots of which offer military discounts, or are minimal fees since they are things like National Parks).

In the mean time, I've been searching for some really fun Disney themed wedding stuff to decorate with and stay in my budget, as well as things for my bridesmaids to carry. (Yes, I did think about Decking everyone out in "Bride's Entourage" and "Team Groom" shirts, but I'll spare the expense since it's really a shirt you're only going to wear ONCE.)

Most of my girls have their dresses now, which makes me very happy. I know everyone gets a little crazy around weddings, but I'm so glad everyone has been gracious enough not to complain about the expense of traveling. The truth of the matter is, my parents set aside some money for My Sailor and I to use, and we're busting our hump to stay within that $3k budget. Dad's chemo isn't cheap ($900/month!) and at first, I felt really bad about taking ANY money they offered, but I talked to them about it and they are pretty dead set on showing us a good time. I'm find myself more and more grateful for the generosity they've shown me as I get older and realize the true "cost" of things. I'm also incredibly grateful that they showed me the "value" of money is in spending it on things that are worth while. Sure, there are a lot of things going on in my life that I can't change, and that can be depressing and frustrating at times. Opting to go grateful doesn't take away the fact that there will be hard times. But no matter what, there is always something amazing to be grateful for.

My mom would say my gratitude attitude has to do with my Christian upbringing. Ya know, she might very well be right (mom's usually are), but I have to give credit where credit is due too. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for the way I was raised. And that credit belongs to them. And all gratitude leads to Him after all. (If it weren't for my life having some power watching over it, I never would have gotten this far. By today's standards, I should have been aborted - child of a teenager who maintained she was raped for over a decade. I should have believed my doctors and let my ovarian tumor go until it was too late to act on. Instead, I'm here, pretty healthy, and able to share my story with whoever wants to read it. So, for me, I just can't believe my life was just "luck" or "chance". Luck isn't that kind!)
The Cost of creating once-in-a-lifetime memories: Whatever it is, it's worth every penny.

My fellow adoptee and trouble maker - STITCH!

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