Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting Excited!

So this weekend was a LOT of work, but yesterday was a lot of much needed downtime w/ My Sailor and our roomie. We went out to lunch, saw a couple movies, had a good heart to heart about what's going on in My Sailor's head (even though we've known each for years, we're not psychic, so talking is VITAL - and it wasn't an argument, which was helpful as well - that discussion excluded the roommate), and saw some scary movies I've been dying to see.

I also got to talk to my family. Both my parents and my brother. So our wedding parties are now complete, everyone is clear on what they are wearing (except for my mom, but she'll pull something lovely and light together, I'm sure), and we're solidifying plans - and not a moment too soon! The invitations should be arriving today and I'm looking to get them done and in the mail within the next 4 days!

I'm also excited to be cashing in our swagbucks and ebates dollars soon to boost the wedding account! Yeah for free money!

What are we doing regarding my health? Well, we're focusing on "get Jaime well" rather than, "get a baby that looks like us" which is a HUGE relief to me - and anyone who has suffered from female organ related problems knows that stress only makes them worse. So it's time to de-stress, relax, and focus on wellness.  I'm pretty excited about our plan and we'll be announcing it on the Snow White, Prince Charming, and the 70 Deadly Pounds blog soon! I'll post a link as soon as the post is up and ready to go - but to give some of you a hint, it's called Paleo.

Once the invitations are done, I'll be focusing on writing the ceremony, organizing the decorations, planning a visit to see the site (and the family, and MAYBE a Padre game), so that in July we'll be ready to send out the final details!

One thing we recently decided on is, no, we won't be having a rehearsal dinner. Traditionally, a rehearsal dinner is thrown for out of town guests and the wedding party. Well, in this case, EVERYONE is out of town and we simply can't afford to feed everyone twice. So we're going to go the more casual route. (If you know me, you know that as much as I LOVE to plan and get excited about things, keeping things 'casual' in the moment is a MUST. I really adore giving people the freedom to be themselves - especially at the Happiest Place on Earth!) Basically, the plan is to make reservations somewhere and invite folks to come, but it's every-man-for-himself when it comes to paying for it, so it's up to them what to do.

So those are the plans so far. I'm eagerly awaiting the Fed Ex man today as I try (in vain mostly) to get some work done! Everyone has been incredibly helpful when it's come to planning the wedding, and I'm SO grateful!  Without an official "event coordinator", it's been a bit of challenge to make sure I'm getting all the bases covered, but I think we're getting it all down pat pretty nicely now. Next month should solidify things even more. It's funny - several people I thought wouldn't come are making it for sure, and several people I thought wouldn't miss it, are. Go figure! But the excitement far outweighs the disappointment and I'm more relieved than I can say about how well things are coming together.

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