Monday, June 4, 2012

The Geek in Me

Lately, I've been flying my freak flag high and I don't care who sees it.

First of all - Our invitations are DONE and pretty much IN THE MAIL (aside from a few we're waiting on postage and/or addresses). That feels good.

Second of all - I'm REALLY excited to have made reservations at the Disneyland Hotel for our wedding weekend coming up. Yeah! I'm not sure which I'm more excited about - the actual wedding/reception, or just getting to go back to my 2nd home. The fact that I get to go w/ friends and family - HUGE bonus! :)

Third of all - I have 2 (count them TWO) new-to-me video games I'm enjoying in my downtime. LA Noir (a crime detective game) for the PS3 and Cursed Mountain (a mature - yes, you read that right - M rated) for the Wii. Yes, in other countries they have LOTS of M rated games for the Wii, but sadly, they'll probably never see the light of day in the US of A. Nintendo feels that PS3 and Xbox already have the corner on that market. And they probably aren't wrong, but I like the 2 handed controls of the Wii.

Fourth of all - My Sailor and I just started the Paleo style eating plan. Often referred to as the Caveman diet, it's an all natural way of eating. So ex-nay on the preservatives-ay. (I never was good at pig latin, but you get the point.) We bought a TON of fresh fruit (organic and local whenever we could find/afford it), meat (local and grass fed/free range wherever we could find/afford it), and veggies.  So far, we've come up with some delicious dishes! We're trying this way of eating for a month to see where it goes. We already did the movies - GUILT FREE! We saw Snow White and the Huntsmen this weekend and brought in our own dried fruit and almonds. Fun movie, great snacks, even better company. Who could ask for anything more? It felt great to leave a movie refreshed instead of bloated.

Fifth of all - Other wedding stuff seems to be falling into place. We are being gifted a trip to Hawaii, that just seems too good to pass up, but we're still hammering out the details. Long story short, it looks like my folks have expiring frequent flier miles and expiring time share points, so it wouldn't cost them anything to book under our name, and at least the points wouldn't expire, and they wouldn't feel pressured to use them. With Dad going in for Chemo every 2 weeks, that's unrealistic for them.

Which brings me to Sixth of all - Dad did great through his first round of chemo. Today he got round #2 and we're hoping side effects STAY managable for him. Chemotherapy has come a LONG way since the 1990's, where you weren't sure which would kill ya' first, the cancer or the chemo. I'm looking forward to him walking me down the aisle.

And Seventh of all - the writing bug is biting me more and more these days. I'm eager to be out of the coding world and into the writing world. I know what I do for a job is useful (not only in making me money, but in contributing to straightening out health care a little bit), but I don't really feel like I'm 'giving back'. Maybe I just haven't found right attitude about it, but I've been a coder for about 11 (shock!) years now. I'm probably just burnt out. Just gotta keep making time to write and putting myself out there. Someday something will stick.

And last but not least - I can't say it hasn't been a lonely last month or so up here. While I do NOT miss the thumping around of my old upstairs neighbors (the Rhino family), I do miss people. Yes, I was VERY grateful to have my first weekend with my sailor w/o his shipmates around in at least a month, but I know I can't rely on him to fill all my social needs. It's a broken record on this blog, but it's just not as easy to make friends when you're an adult - especially when you work from home. I don't even meet co-workers face to face. So I'm working on doing things to help me feel less isolated. I planned a party of Sunday night. It fell through. I'm just SO glad this wedding isn't going to fall through. I need to nourish my heart and feel a friendly hug! I can't wait for my short trip to California in June, and the wedding in August. I miss my friends deeply and can't wait to see them again. My holiday trips were so short, and everyone was too busy to meet up. This time, they are really rising to the occasion and making the time, which I appreciate. My Sailor is seeing some of his friends do the same, which is great! I'd rather him have friends there and pay for a few extra place settings than have him miss sharing the day with us.

But for now, I better get to sleep. I have to get up in 8 hrs and drive my roommate to the airport. Goodnight Moon!

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  1. Glad to read your Dad is doing good. Glad to read things are good, other than social life which I also can relate too. :)
    I read your blog more than I comment.;) I will try to do better.