Friday, June 15, 2012

Go baby go!

Yesterday, I kinda realized I might be coming down with a Shingles outbreak again. Found a blister on my forehead. Well, that explains my inability to lose weight, and probably some of the exhaustion I've had lately too - I could seriously sleep ALL DAY.

So what this means is I pump my body full of vitamin C, work out regularly, and drink TONS of water to help boost the immune system and kick out the stress. I've ridden this rodeo a few times before. (Yes, there is a shingles vaccine, but no, my insurance won't cover it and I'm not ready to throw down $200/year since I don't have a break out every year.)

That said, I've been doing pretty well lately. In 6 days I fly home to see my family for a weekend and to solidfy some wedding stuff. My Sailor will be holding down the fort here. It will probably be a good thing, since we've been locking horns a little bit of late on some big topics.

We've been talking about holiday plans- I plan on seeing my family (no matter how things go w/ my dad - I don't want to miss this one) but understand his need for a 'White Christmas' and to see his family - but that's a bit too far out to see right now. Let's get through the wedding first and then we'll tackle that one.

We're talking about honeymoon plans. Hawaii fell through, which is fine. I'm far from in bikini shape anyway. SoI'm voting for a road trip up the west coast currently. It's only an 8 hour drive from Anahiem to San Franscico and along the way we can stop for a few days here and there. I'm thinking Solvang, San Simeon, Malibu, Monterey... In 6 days, we wouldn't even be pushing ourselves w/ driving, but My Sailor isn't into that at all and wants to visit with his family more and then ?come home and get back to life as usual until he deploys? He hasn't come up with any other ideas for us yet. Now, don't get me wrong, our families are awesome and I love them all, but I'd kinda like some one-on-one time that didn't involve meeting up with family every day... So we're wrestling a bit with that.

And, of course, the topic of kids comes up pretty often. Usually because I bring it up (guilty as charged). I'm trying to figure out how he feels about everything, but he's reserving judgement/emotional investment for when I see my other MD in California next week. I think he's hoping for a solid, "Yes, you can have kids" or "No, you can't" answer. Unfortunately, things in medicine are rarely black and white. There is a way to do just about anything as long as you have the money to throw at it, and you don't mind being sick. In the meantime, I've been encouraging him to get tested as well (after all, it takes 2 and testing is free), but I've been using the time to educate myself on international adoption issues/laws. I found a great blog, Adoption Talk that's brought to light so many different issues I wasn't really aware of. It's been great and really helped open my eyes to some of the pitfalls of international adoption.  Overall, though, the prospect of actually filing the paperwork and starting the process gets me pretty excited. See, I was told at 19 (long before I really 'thought' about having kids or was even at risk of getting pregnant) that I probably wouldn't be able to concieve.  Between that, and my own personal experience being adopted into a family that wanted, loved, and cared for me, adoption has always been my 'Plan A', which I've never made a secret about. I do see where he is coming from though, as adoption is not most people's 'Plan A'. While it was always part of our plan, it's a 'Plan B' for him, so that's something we'll probably tackle after the wedding and honeymoon is over (and hopefully before he deploys again).

So that's the latest and greatest here. I'm so glad we're able to shelve our disagreements and go out and have a good time with each other. We've had the last 2 weekends together and it's been great! I've been taking some strides myself as well! I made my date with the gym yesterday and Zumba'd my butt off! I may not be a graceful dancer, but at least I have fun! :)

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