Saturday, June 16, 2012

"You want the Truth?! You can't handle the (Destination) Truth!"

If you've followed this blog long enough, you probably realize that I enjoy sci-fi. Star Trek (the original series w/ Shanter as James T Kirk) will always have a warm fuzzy place in my life.

Destination Truth is another one of those shows that has a warm fuzzy place in my life too. It mixes two of my favorite things - Travel to little known exotic places, and mythology. Specifically, in the case of Josh Gates and most of the Destination Truth episodes, cryptozoology
Destination Truth is what happens when you send a team of 'ghost hunter-like' adventures out to find out if local legendary beasts around the world are based in any sort of truth. Add to the mix Josh Gates, a very funny guy that reminds me of what traveling with my family is like, and I'm on cloud nine.

The other night, My Sailor and I were capping off an evening by watching a past episode (available on Syfy Rewind on their website, and on Netflix), and I was commenting how I would LOVE to tag along to one of the missions of Josh Gates and the Destination Truth team.  Of course, admitting my admiration for Josh Gates led to us talking about our admiration for Ryder, one of the girls in the show.

So once he gets out of the Navy, we may have to give world travel more serious thought... ;)

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