Monday, June 25, 2012

There and Back again - California in June

I've had a remarkably busy time this weekend with my family. Pictures to come as soon as I get home and find time to edit them, somewhere between the blinds being put up and all that.

But when I get home, one of the very first things I'm going to focus on is FITNESS. I've honestly felt like a bit of a slug, even though we've been walking around a lot. I know that a chunk of it has to do with the changes in my hormones lately, but I really have trouble with that excuse. So it's time to get off the scale and get in the gym. I'm seriously considering signing up for Chris Powell's Reshape the Nation for the month of July. It's either that, or Medifast. I know on Medifast, I won't be able to be as active as I want/need to be, but the weight WILL come off steadily, and in plenty of time for the wedding. I just can't bring myself to do that "quick fix" though. I want something that will last me and really help me get healthy. Who knows? It may even make my endo get better (ha! Yeah right).

Which reminds me, for those of you waiting to hear about the doctor's visit, you'll have to wait a little longer. I wanted to discuss things with My Sailor before I blast it out over the internet. But thanks for all the love and support!

It's really done my heart good to see my dad doing so well. I'm visiting during his chemo week. That usually means he's drained of energy and food all tastes like sucking on a penny. And a little (managable) gastric upset.

But my dad continues to impress me. Each day I've been visiting, we've been out doing something. Usually it's something in the summer sun which requires a lot of walking, and Dad isn't even lagging. Thankfully, he had some weight to lose before all of this started, so while he looks "skinny" to me, it's only because I'm used to seeing him as a jolly-bellied guy. Now he's getting much more into fighting form, and it's doing him good. I think it does everyone good for me to be home for a little bit.

We didn't get all the wedding stuff settled this week. I'll be taking one more weekend trip down in July to seal the dress alterations, decorations, and other minor details. But at least it's a huge step forward! Hard to believe it's all happening in 40 some days now!

It's getting early. Either way - time for bed!

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