Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"It's a Wonderful Life" - The Weekend

In the middle of all the medical mayhem my family has been going through, this weekend has been a much needed escape.
Mom, Dad, Me, and My Sailor at their hotel on Farewell Day.

Since my dad's start of Chemo was delayed a bit, my parents decided to seize the moment (and my dad's string of good health, appetite, and energy) and come up for a visit. It's been great to see them and after the week I've had at the doctor's office, having my family physically here has been awesome - and another great reminder of how much love and support I've been blessed with in my life.

My mom and I have grown past a lot of the "mother/daughter" stuff and into a comfortable, beautiful place of friendship. I never thought we'd be here, but it's a great place to be.
Me, My Sailor, and Mom

My dad has dropped a lot of weight since I saw him in December, but luckily he had the weight to lose, so he has the fat stored to helped see him through the upcoming treatment. Everyone is looking forward to this summer for a lot of reasons - though dad is nervous about chemo (understandabl)y. I'm sure his good humor will see him through. We had a great time at the Poulsbo Viking Festival this weekend and helped Dad add a few calories under his belt by tasting some delicious salmon, treats, and seafood.

As a housewarming gift, my parents have offered to help us get blinds for the ENTIRE HOUSE! For those that are counting, that's about 16 windows! What a fantastic gift! My homework this week is to get some folks in here to quote us on installation.

While my heart was heavy to see them go, I'm planning a trip in late June to visit. Though My Sailor won't be with me, it'll give me a chance to finalize some wedding stuff and NOT focus on what is going on with my health (more on that later).
I'm looking forward to making some time for a Padre game while I'm down there as well!  Can't wait.

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