Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Cometh!

Valentine's Day is almost here! For some, Super Bowl Sunday is next "big" holiday, but I'm just not that much of a football (or an "eat-yourself-into-oblivion") gal. Most likely, it won't be a big celebration here, but here's what I would LOVE to see on my nightstand!

Cute isn't she? It's "Angel" from the Lilo and Stitch series. Sadly she's unavailable (sold out through Disney) and I highly doubt My Sailor has time or the inclination due to the poor guy's constant exhaustion to go searching around in the internet for it at the moment. That's okay though. It's just a 'thing'. Things get lost, stolen, broken, stained, worn out, etc. We're saving our pennies anyway for the upcoming trip. Maybe we'll do a special dinner out just the two of us during our vacation. As for his Valentine's Day gift, it starts up tomorrow. I have a few Valentine's Day cards that I plan to hide around starting this week, so he can stumbled across them during his 3 days of duty in a row.
We're keeping low pretty low key and it's nice not to have to stress over a greeting card holiday that commemorates a massacre anyway. But any excuse/reminder to show ones we love that we care is, IMHO, a good thing.

I can't wait to get away on this little trip! I probably should be nervous about meeting his family, but I'm not really. They've all been wonderfully supportive, so I count myself pretty lucky. Besides, I'm craving a new adventure and a change of scenery.

Yesterday I got a great surprise from one of my favorite Disney Podcasts!
I popped into "The Box" for WDWRadio's show and decided to hang out after the show. The Box people are great, and it looks as though Lou (the host of WDWRadio and the owner of the magazine I write for, Celebrations Press and I might get to meet up in Florida for a lunch AND do a Disneyland Tour this summer together! I'm pretty psyched about it. As if I need another excuse to go back to Disneyland (which I don't - I have plenty, trust me!) but I really respect all Lou does and the attitude and ideas with which he's maintained his Disney fan community. The crowd he's attracted and drawn together remind me of the greatest reasons of why we (Disney fans) love what we love. The attitude of "Keep Moving Forward" and "You can reach for your dreams" has really influenced me heavily over the past half a decade. Lou's work ethic, positive attitude, and passion is contagious (though I do enjoy a good Pete rant from the Dis Unplugged every once in awhile as well). I couldn't feel prouder or more honored to contribute to such a great community, or to represent the magazine whenever I can.


  1. Well, I hope you and your sailor have a great Valentine's Day.

    An excuse to go to Disneyland - no need for excuses here either :)!

  2. Check around at Disneyland for Angel. I know you can purchase here in FL. (I have one)

    1. Thanks Sharon for the tip! I'll have to check it out when I go in March! Stitch is WAY more popular in FL, as there is the attraction out there. No Stitch attraction planned for Disneyland. :( But there's always hope!