Friday, February 17, 2012

Breaking The Cardinal Rule...

This week, I've been breaking a few of my own personal rules.

1) Leave the house twice a day.
When you work from home, it's tough to feel like part of the human race sometimes! Especially when you're pulling 12 hour days on a regular basis. I can't say that I'm depressed or anything along those lines. But I know that I'm short-changing myself, and that never feels good. Relying on Facebook doesn't make up for face-to-face time with the human race. I know when I don't take the time to meet new people and open myself up to learning from them, I get stuck in my ways and tend to sound like a "know it all" (or at least I think so). I also tend to put myself in a "big sister" or "mom" type role, rather than the "equals" role that I prefer. So it's time to make a few minor adjustments as far as my socialization goes. Maybe it's time to join a class or start a show, now that the schedule has calmed down (yeah!).

On the upside, this does mean that I've saved a good chunk of change for our upcoming trip. After all, you save a lot of money when you're not paying for gas or coffee shop
runs! That DOES feel good.

2) Breaking the Health rules.
I've been doing this about as much as I've been getting out of the house this week. Sure, I've taken the dog for his daily mile, but I'm going to pass on that today. I can tell the weather is taking its toll on Clydas' joints, so I'm going to give him a pass on that today. We're still seeing how he reacts to his first winter, especially with his still-recent amputation. Last night, it was pretty clear that his rear knees were bothering him, so I'll let him rest up today. But that said, I also haven't been adhereing to my logging in MyFitnessPal - and I've been giving into desserts more often than not. I know when My Sailor is home, we both feel like celebrating, and lately ice cream has been the culprit.  So it's time to cut the sweets (not "out", just "down") and boost the work out. Just Dance 3 anyone?

Some people don't do well with "rules", but I actually find that I usually thrive when I set them for myself.

It's not always easy to do what's best for ourselves. There are lots of distractions - work, relationships, etc. But if there is anything I've been reminded of lately - when we better ourselves, we better everything around us as well. 

I'm sure I'll do just fine - and I'm generally happy with my life. It's just making a few minor adjustments that will help enrich things even more.

And that is a very good place to be.

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  1. Those are pretty good rules, but you are human so breaking them once in a while isn't the end of the world. At least you've recognized that you need to jump back to the routine and you'll be just fine!