Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And another Date Bites the Dust!

Hi there readers!
  Many of you may already know this through other media, but I'm trying to get the word out. Last night we learned that the October 18th, 2012 wedding date is going to have to be postponed. Yes, again. Just like last year, My Sailor will be off Finding Nemo during October of this year, making it impossible to hold the ceremony.
  "So, when's the new date?"
We don't know. And we won't until probably Jan of 2013.  We can't afford to move it up (and he can't get any more leave approved this year anyway), so it'll most likely be next spring.
  How do I feel about all this?
 To say I'm disappointed is as true as it can be. And frustrated, as this is the 3rd date change, each of them pushing it into another calendar year.
  I'm painting it with a good brush because now we can focus more on our next move. Literally. We're aiming to move into a 3 bedroom (or a 2 bedroom with a den) in June. Now, we'll be able to focus on house hunting, deciding if we should rent or buy (mortgages are cheaper than renting anything over 2 bedrooms) and such.
  So there's the latest and greatest. I'll be posting to the Wellness Blog tonight all about Financial Wellness! Stay tuned! You might find some tips and tricks (like ebates and swag bucks) that you didn't know about! :)

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  1. Sorry to hear you have to change the date again, but glad you're taking it in stride!