Monday, February 20, 2012

The Didn'ts and the Dids

Well, the approval didn't happen. They need to chat with the underwriters who are out of the office until Tuesday, and Real Estate agents don't want to waste their time on "lookie-loos", which we are considered until we get our pre-approval letter. Poop.

So house hunting didn't happen yesterday, but what did happen is we learned that 3 of the 4 houses we wanted to look at already had offers on them. Boo hiss! Oh well. The right house will come along at the right time. No need to rush these things (though we are both really antsy to get out of this apartment come May).

What did happen was a trip into Seattle!

We drove in yesterday afternoon and spent about 4 hours hiking around the streets of Seattle near Pike's Market. We stopped for lunch at a little Indian place called the Kastoori Grill. They were advertising a $10 lunch buffet. Everything we tried was good and really fresh! I got to stay within my healthy eating range, and taste a bunch of different things. Success!

In fact, we were so full from lunch, we opted to stay away from the otherwise-tempting chocolatiers and Irish pubs that line nearby Post Alley.

We picked up some new teas at a local tea shop, and some local sage honey. In the Market, we tried fresh goat cheese from a local maker - who actually RAISES the goats he makes the cheese from! So you know it's limited quantity, and all natural. His stand included a photo album of his farm as well. We were going to go back for fresh fish and fruit, but by the time we'd walked up and down the waterfront by the market, we were pooped and opted to just head home via the Fauntleroy ferry. (For those of you Disney buffs - yes, we took a ferry from a station bearing Donald Duck's middle name!)

All in all a good day. On our way home, we stopped at Hiro Sushi, a local sushi place. It's the 2nd time we've been there. The first time, we got take out in the summer of last year. It was just "okay", so we decided to dine in this time and give this place another shot. Well, to sum up my review (which you can find here in-depth on yelp) we both came home with stomach aches. Thankfully, we managed to keep everything down, but needless to say it was a LONG night after that.

So for all the "dids" and the "didn't's", it turned out to be a pretty good day.


  1. Sorry about the house hunting, but you'll get there!

    Sounds like a great day in Seattle.

    Too bad about the bad dinner.

  2. Aww hope that you find something more suitable in the housing department, and thats why i don't eat fish haha :) Glad you had fun in Seattle.

  3. ALSO- you might get a kick out of this- my word verification was "cyst says" hmmm creepy Google is creepy.