Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remember this?

Oh yeah... this is me right now! One more week until I get to spend join My Sailor and some of his friends for a weekend in Disney World! This is a first for me!

Yes, I've been to Disneyworld several times before, but it's always been during the first or second week in December. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE going that time of year. Everything is decorated for Christmas, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party is going on, the crowds are non-existant, and the value season is going on so things are cheaper. But this time I'm going for my birthday! It's bound to be more crowded than my other winter trips, but I've never been for my birthday before!

I definately have to admit, I live a semi-charmed kind of life lately. Sure, I have my stressful days at work and the prospect of moving away quickly approaching is a bit daunting - but it's a good kind of stress.

There are lots of good reasons for not sleeping - but being too excited to sleep is probably one of the best reasons.

31 is a little over a week away - and I'll be spending it at EPCOT. If you had asked me this time last year if I'd be in this position, I would have said, "I wish!"

The reality is definately better than the wish.


  1. Honestly I am glad that this trip is panning out. I can't believe that I get to take you to Disneyworld for your birthday. This is my present to you. And if you asked me a year ago if this would happen the answer would probably be a no. Anyways I love you so very much and I can't sleep either.

  2. Well, I'm jealous! Enjoy your birthday at WDW with your sailor!