Thursday, January 13, 2011

Interesting places, airports

Over the last couple months, I've spent a lot of time in airports. Interesting places they are. Definately one of the best places for people watching.

Across from me sits a girl who couldn't be more than 18. She's wearing brown leather boots that come up to her midcalf with blue jeans tucked in. Her strawberry blond hair and pale skin work well against the white pleated shirt and dark green cardigan. Moderately dressed, she picks at a scone from Starbucks, observing the people around her, but being careful not to make eye contact with anyone. A bit of a nervous traveler, she checks her shirt several times for crumbs before giving up on the scone all together.

The blinds close behind me as the warm San Diego sun threatens to blind those inside the end of this terminal.

Two seats down from the girl in green is a young man, appearing a disshevled mid 20's, his navy tshirt and black jeans have been washed one too many times and his baby blue backpack looks like something out of the 80's. He's barely awake. Ruffled brown hair makes me wonder when the last time was he showered.

The announcer states that the flight is completely full. In fact, it's oversold and they are offering to check bags for free. I'm seriously considering taking advantage of that...

It's now about 30 minutes before boarding. Time to jump on board.

Thank you, Dad for being my ride and thank you family for the plane tickets!
Thank you, my Sailor for the trip to Disneyworld! I know we'll have a great time.
Thank you, BoxerBabe for being the friend that you are! I know I can count on you to help roomie out with my sweet Clydas.

Much love all!
- JD.

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  1. Jay, you should be a writer! I can see those people sitting in the airport! Have a great time, be sure to blog all about it.