Saturday, January 29, 2011

Relocation preperation - bittersweet

For those of you just catching up with this blog, here's my history: I've lived in Escondido, in 10 places now, in my 31 years of life. I've traveled all over the world - England, Australia, Mexico, etc - but I've only lived in Escondido, California.

There are some great things about growing up with a town. Escondido is FAR from the farm town it was when my parents moved here. I've seen things grow and change over the years. So saying good-bye isn't the easiest thing in the world. It's odd to see a poster for some summertime event and think "I won't be here for that."

But at the same time, the new life and new town that awaits my exploration is deeply exciting. Instead of spending precious time moping about what I'm leaving behind, I'm looking forward to getting settled in the new place.

I'm making a to-do-upon-arrival list to help me keep looking foward:
* Find a gym I like.
* Find a coffee shop.
* Locate Farmer's Markets
* Locate health food stores
* Locate pet stores that carry Clydas' food (my dog has some allergies)
* Find a movie theater
* GET A MOUNTAIN BIKE! (This one is pretty high on the list, since its the perfect way to get around and get to know a new town.)
* Get Clydas an orthopedically awesome bed so his old joints will be eased in the cold.
* Find a browsable book store
* Invest in sweaters and nice thick socks and jeans.

Anything else you guys can think of? I'd love some insight! The new place has some hiking trails I already can't wait to explore.


  1. We also have to make sure to get some amazing camping gear, update our passports, get you an amazing winter coat, buy new blankets (going to need warmer ones), get you some good thermals, and yeah...lots to do. Anyways I cannot wait to live with you and go exploring with you. I love you so much!

  2. Can't think of anyone else I'd rather take the journey with.

  3. I'm so freaking excited for you J!!!!!! You are going to love your new adventure!!! Moving to a new place can be a little stressful, but overall it adds so much adventure to your life. I have to say...I'm a little envious...I would love to move all over again. To experience a new place!! Sounds like you've got everything I would already recommend on your list. It snows there, too, right? Maybe some easy to put on snow boots. Those are great for when you have to take the dog out early morning on a snowy day. :)

    Keep me posted!!!

  4. Thanks so much for the input Bon Bon! I definately could use some boots! I have some uggs that are super worn out, so a new pair of something warm and water resistant (and easy to put on would be AWESOME).