Friday, December 31, 2010

A full holiday season

What a great holiday season this has been! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I felt especially spoiled this year - as well as especially grateful for all the oppurtunities to spend time with those I hold dear this year.

The highlight was most definately spending time with my family and my sailor. He was able to come down for 5 days surrounding Christmas. Though exhausted from all the running around,we had a great time. Disneyland, Julian, Pacifica Del Mar, TRON:Legacy, happy hour at Hacienda De Vega...

All great times.

Some part of me is mildly surprised on how much fun My Sailor and I have together , then again, a larger portion of me isn't surprised at all. Afterall, after 12+ years of solid-through-thick-and-thin friendship, nothing could be more natural. To sum it up, I love that he accepts me for me, takes an active role in supporting me,  and keeps me sane when I've needed it most. I've been on high gaurd for a long time. It feels good to finally let it go.
(And the fact that my friends AND my family practically want to adopt him is a completely new and awesome experience for me too!)

More photos to come of the holidays later. While I'm sorry he couldn't be here for New Years, thanks to my parents we're spending this New Year's Skyping and on Netflix. Hopefully next year's will be together (unless he's deployed). Here's to hopin' and cheers to a new year!


  1. It was such an amazing trip. You have shown me what true love actually means. I cannot wait to see you again.