Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas, Mr. Bike thief...

To whoever stole Sally - 
As you clean up your ill-gotten-goods, there are a few things you should know that you probably don't.
   You probably don't know that the 2 stickers on the bike are from completing Triathlons - the first of which changed my life forever.
You probably don't know how many trips to the grocery store that bike assisted me with.
You probably don't know how many good times it provided with gal pals on Bike and Brunch weekends.
You probably don't know that it helped me get to work on National Bike to Work day.
You probably don't know how I took a header off of it, flipping the bike, while traveling down a steep mountain trail with GreenGuy.
You probably don't know that I named it "Sally" after the Porche in Cars.
You probably don't know the new level of fitness my $60 walmart special, pink and white Hyper bike helped me achieve.

I hope you needed it more than I did.
So here's to you, Bicycle theif.
I hope the $60 you saved was worth it.
Merry Christmas.
- Me


  1. Oh Jay - sorry to hear that.

  2. On the up side - it's been too rainy to ride it all week anyway. Gotta love a good irony!