Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Mom, can I marry my boots? PLEASE?!"

I feel whole again.

I first picked up a pair of these WONDERFUL boots in 1999. They accompanied me just about every single day (no exaggeration) until their unforunately demise in 2004.

I paid about $150 for them at that time - and I didn't have to buy new shows (aside from gym shows) for the next 5 years... How many of you can say you spend less than $30/year on shoes??

I have challenges with my feet (basically, they are flat as a board and my ankles turn in), so these little beauties are just what the doctor ordered.

Slipping them on this morning for the first time in 5 years felt awesome. Perfect. No need to break these in.

All of this elicated a funny e-mail conversation between me and my mom.
Disclaimer: I think marriage is a WONDERFUL thing, as does my mom who has been married for many years. My mom and I talk often about my romantic life/future - as women are prone to do. Gives us something to discuss other than work. Anyway, here's the conversation:

Me: "...And my boots are oh-so-comfy. Can I marry my boots? I’m sure they’d give me many years of bliss.!"

Mom: "OK, now, don’t go weird on me……boots are not people, they are things you walk in and on….oops, maybe that is marriage. "

Of course, we are joking. We both believe in treating our partners with the upmost respect (and if you read this blog for any amount of time, you'll probably realize that I strongly feel that marriage is one of the last true vestiages of honor in this world).

Unfortunately, my boots are already "paired", and I never shared well. ;)

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