Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Gift that doesn't cost a penny...

There is one gift that any human can give any other.

It's never inappropriate, no matter what your relationship with someone.

In fact, you can give this to someone before you even know their name.

And they'll probably appreciate and remember it.

It doesn't cost a dime.

But it's something in this world we often withhold from those we hold dearest.

What is it?

It's undivided attention.

How many of us have texted while we're on the phone with someone else while we're doing something completely unrelated to either the text or the call? That may seem an extreme example, but I use it because - hey! I've done it.

If we didn't live in such an instant-gratification world, things like Google, text messaging, and wi-fi hotspots wouldn't exist.

Now, there's nothing wrong with technology. Don't get me wrong. I have long embraced the computer age. I remember learning keyboarding on my Apple IIE (you know, back when floppy disks were actually 'floppy').

But all that said and done, the best gift we can give anyone, is our undivided attention.

How many of us would consider a "great date" to involve multiple text messages or phone calls to someone we're not out with? What's the point of a date anyway- To get away, enjoy life, and share an experience with someone we care for. It's to make memories and focus on one another.

Having that one on one time of undivided attention makes children feel valued, check out clerks feel at ease, co-workers feel validated, and loved ones feel -well, loved.

Here's the challenge. Give the gift that doesn't cost a penny whenever you can. And you just may start a trend, in this multi-tasking world, of someone giving it back to you.

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  1. I agree. I don't know how many people I have seen at the same table talking their phones to someone else. Why get together for a meal if you are going to do that? When I worked at the Ren Faire, I have seen a family of four wandering around, the kids on iPods, the parents are on cell phones. Why go out?

    BTW, this is Jeff. :-)