Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've graduated to addict...

Surprised? Well, keep reading, and you won't be.

I graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge tonight! I should be getting my graduation packet in the mail, and I can't wait! The College of Disney Knowledge is a course especially for Disney Travel Professionals. I'll be working for The Main Street Travel Company as their west coast correspondent and resident Disneyland expert.

Pretty neat, huh?

Okay - all that said, I think I'm a closet addict.

"But J," you might say, "we already KNOW your Disney addiction runs deep!"

Well, while that's very true - there is more to me (dare I say it), and more to life than just Disney.
(Shocked I said that, huh?)

This 9/11 I had dinner with my folks and expressed my currently slightly exhaused view of relationships. My mom challenged me to stop seeing the glass as 1/2 empty and just have fun with it - and don't get me wrong, "fun" is great, but without sharing it with your soulmate, it's empty really.
(Yeah, that's right - I'm a nearly 30 year old sucker that bought into the "soulmate" and "love of my life" train. I'm grateful to this day that my ex realized he wasn't the love of my life and went his seperate way, freeing me to find "him" eventually.)

Anyway - the fruit of all of that discussion was the realization that I'm addicted to being productive. And the problem with being productive is that the feeling of accomplishment actually relaxes me. Sick, isn't it?

For example, take today's list of accompliments:

Talked with friends on the phone
Cleaned out car (FINALLY)
Grocery Shopping
Doing two loads of laundry while completing my Disney Courses and doing dishes
Doing some light construction and heavy sorting so that my closet doesn't look like a heap of rumpled clothes while still completing my Disney Courses
Walking 3 miles with the dog
Reserving all the dining reservations for my upcoming DisneyWorld Vacation
Taking a bubble bath while reading a book of excerpts of new fantasy novels
Making dinner (from scratch)
Watching a little bit of TV
Reading some blogs to catch up and commenting on them
Updating my facebook status two or three times and answering some e-mails...

And that's just SUNDAY.

It's currently after 10pm, and I still wish I had more daylight so I could finish my chores (yes, there are more - as I've mentioned before, I'm not the world's best domestic goddess).

This week, I'll get to go back to work (which I gripe about, but largely, I think it's because I know I can do better at my job, even though I'm going to shift gears next year and persue my calling).

I'm a girl on the go-go-go! I'm addicted to being in motion.

And ya know what? It's not a bad thing. There's a lot to be said for being productive. You'll NEVER be stagnant. You'll always be learning and growing and moving. "A rolling stone gather's no moss." Or, my personal favorite from my dad, "Wear out, don't rust out".

But part of me has to wonder if I'm waiting for something to slow down for... something that will make me choose a slower pace of life. Don't get me wrong. I have my down time! (See "bubble bath" above.) And I enjoy my down time EMENSELY! But, sitting around on my rump? Not my style I guess!

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  1. mkymsehi (aka Jeff Da Runner)September 13, 2009 at 11:49 PM

    Nice. But no bike ride today?