Friday, September 11, 2009

"Trading Spaces" Races...

Last year, I said I wanted to run the Disney World Princess 1/2 Marathon. Unforunately, there are a couple different reasons why that's looking like it won't pan out. As it looks like I may be in the process of a fairly significant move, March just seems like it's going to be too soon for the money to show up.

So, that said, I'm "Trading Races".

So I'm trading in the Disney World Princess 1/2 Marathon for the Everest Challenge! Once I learned you could register as a single person, I was sold. (If I'm still in So-Cal, I may take on the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon next year - but we'll see where I end up.)

I will say that running, for me, is the most difficult part of any event for me. I'm getting better at biking and actually enjoy it (okay - I'm mildly addicted to it) but I've yet to be able to build up that kind of passion for running - yet. So the Everest Challenge sounds right up my alley! What is it?

One of my all-time-favorite Disney parks is the Animal Kingdom. So a race that takes place AFTER HOURS in my favorite park AND only includes a 5k? Where do I sign up!

Here are the big selling points for me regaurding this race:

*Fireworks kick off your trek
I LOVE fireworks and that's a great way to get ya pumped up!

*Timed event with online results

That means all of you who can't come and cheer me on, can follow me online!

*A portion of every entry fee will benefit the Himalayan Youth Foundation and Disney's Wildlife Conservation Fund.
If you know me, you probably know the passion I have for the kids of the world. Being adopted has given me a unique view and I hope to adopt internationally within the next 10 years of my life. This feels like putting intent toward that dream.

* Expedition Everest Challenge Finishers' Medal
Now THERE'S a good birthday present!

*Champion tech T-shirt
LOVE my tech shirt from my 2008 Tri!

1 day ticket to the park to scout out the course.
This will be helpful in paying for the trip in general.

*Admission to the exclusive post-race party!
Did someone say EXCLUSIVE after-hours ANIMAL KINGDOM PARTY?!

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