Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"What are you waiting on?" - My Blue Sky Cellar

In Disney's California Adventure, there is a place called The Blue Sky Cellar. There, they showcase projects that may, or may not, turn into actual attractions. If a project is in the Blue Sky stage, it is truely a dream. It's in the "if-the-laws-of-budgeting-and-space-did-not-apply-this-is-what-would-be" stage. It's truely, in the dream stage.

So - with my "What are you waiting on?" motivation in mind, I began to wonder to myself, "What's in my Blue Sky Cellar?"

* Coordinating a team to finish the Everest Challenge in Disneyworld.
* Running the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13k.
- Conquering the Fall Race Challenge in one trip!
* (Since we're in my Blue Sky Cellar) One of these with my friends, family, and the man who will someday share a family with me- followed be a good, healthy honeymoon.
* Continue growing in my Disney fandom and inspiring those around me.
* Stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.
* Have a family.
* Traveling to different places around the world (Ireland, China, Japan, Fiji, England, Africa...)
* Acheiving Elphaba.
* Seeing every Disney park built...
* Write one hit song...
* Continue to write and be published on poetry, inspirational topics, or other topics I am passionate about.

Now, I can't do something about all of those things right this very instant, but everyday I can make one decision that will bring me closer to one of those!

So - what's in your Blue Sky Cellar?

I've already submitted my resume to several head hunters and I am preparing (with the love and support of my family) to dicuss alternative work arrangments with my current employer - to a point that would allow me more freedom in schedule and location.

So, how do we get past the fear that comes along with making changes?
We remind ourselves - "What's the worst thing that can happen?"
In my case, if I sit down and request alternate working arrangments, with an open heart and open, professional mind-set, what's the worst thing that can happen? Will I be eaten by wolves? Nope! So it can't be THAT bad, right?

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