Monday, August 31, 2009

"What are you waiting on?" A few minor adjustments...

So tomorrow is "D-day" but I think I've pretty much made the "D" tonight. Over a beer and sushi, I had my family's blessing to relocate. Not only their blessing, but their offer to help! Wow! (And yes, I'm sure it wasn't the beer talking.)

I was also given a great offer that I think I'm going to act on to get myself a little further out of the hole, and remain for at least the end of the year closer to home. So here's where the "D" part comes in. I've decided to stay until the end of the year.


That does NOT mean I will continue to stay trapped in the same old cycle!

Here's what I've discovered -
EVEN if/when I move away from here, I risk getting stuck in the same old cycle - just in a different setting. The changes to break that cycle aren't going to come from a change in scenery (though they could). They have to come from a change of priorities. They have to come from inside.

See, we often change something on the outside, hoping something on the INSIDE will come along and change as well. What woman can't relate to coloring or cutting her hair after a life change (marriage, divorce, break up, baby, etc)? It doesn't make the change any easier. I mean, if you're unhappy about something, and then do something drastic, you're even LESS likely to be happy about it after a while.

But there are those changes that work from the outside and move inward. For example, ever smiled, even when you're having a bad day, and, at least for a little while, the day doesn't seem so bad?

So these changes will be a mixture of both of those tactics. Stay tuned for more.

Revelation of the week: The only changes that stick, are the ones that happen inside.

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