Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Developments on the "What are you waiting on?" front

So a couple of new things have happened.

A) My company let me know that they are definately moving towards moving my position to a "work-from-home" position! Score! I've asked to be kept in the loop. It would be nice if expanding my horizons didn't mean losing a job I've worked at for a number of years, but then again, if it means I have to step out of my comfort zone, then so be it.

B) I am attending the College of Disney Knowledge this week and getting myself all set up to work as a Travel Agent! It's completely home based, so I'm excited on what all this means. It may not be something I can sustain myself on, but I'm looking forward to getting things up and running.

Whew... so that's a lot!

About one more week until D-Day (Decision Day) regarding the move!

Wish me luck!

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