Monday, August 17, 2009

Need Room: Have Boxer

So it's not much of a secret that I've been looking to move for a while, and I've been having trouble finding a place. Most of it is because I refuse to give up my dog.

I have a message to whoever put "Boxers" on the "Aggressive Breed" list:

These are the dogs people often get because they appear intimidating, but their lovable nature usually ruins that illusion pretty quickly. Boxers are naturally really goofy, and while they may play rough, I've never heard of one attacking anyone (unless that dog was abused, but that can happen with all breeds).

Anyway, so Clydas and I are having trouble finding a new home, so we've been staying put for a while now. Financially, that's not really helping, so I have my resume out with several head hunters, and I have a couple of options. I definately need to give this acting thing a decent shot, so heading toward a theater mecca would be great for me. I'm trusting God's guidance here to put me where I'm needed. Closer to Disneyland would rock too, of course. We'll see what happens!

But as far as my dog being "aggressive", I'm proud to report that he isn't a submissive pee-er, has NEVER ruined (or even damaged) any property I've lived at, and is great with kids.

So I'd like to send a big fat rasberry to the idiot who decided that he is dangerous just because of his muscular build (or some negative experience they had as a child).


  1. I absolutely LOVE and MISS Mr. Clydas!!!!

  2. Aww I am sorry girl.. that is horrible.. I am glad you aren't willing to give him up!! I am sure a new path will come soon!