Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A lighter side blog... "Drag me to Hell"

Saw this movie last night and it was probably would be more aptly titled "How much gross stuff can we pour into this poor actresses mouth before she breaks her contract?" That aspect was getting humorous after awhile, I have to admit!

Overall, I miss movies where the bad guys lose and the good guys win. I guess Hollywood sees a need to make things more "realistic", where there are no good and bad guys distinctly, but I miss that in a movie. Even Disney's latest release, "Up" seems tainted by it. Movies aren't supposed to be real. But, I'll admit, it was a decent distraction for a while... which was what I needed after spending a day cooped up in the house.

Today, my shoulder still aches, but I'm coping. It'll get better. Things have to get better.

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