Monday, May 4, 2009

The Triathlon Blog and starting off the morning right

Between working a full day, doing 40 minutes of yoga, doing dishes, editing my latest article for Celebrations Press (the Disney Fan magazine) and planning out my homework strategy for tomorrow, I'm pretty exhausted. I'm toying on going to see Wolverine tonight, but I may call it a night - since it's well after 9 at this point.

But I wanted to be sure all my followers are aware that I finally posted the long awaited Triathlon Blog!

If anyone is interested in signing up, go to and click on the Triathlon link to find one near you. Rumor has it, the Disneyland Resort Triathlon will be this fall. More time to prepare!

I also wanted to post one last thing before I head off for the night. Ever since I posted last week (and every day this week), I've made a serious effort to get my head on straight every morning. While driving to work, I text at least one good friend and let them know that today is going to be a good/successful kinda' day! And you know what? I can't speak for everyone but it's been working to cure a lot of stress and head off a lot of frustration. What I do in the morning tends to stick with me all day. Example? Work announced this morning that personal activities on cell phones (including texting) and computers are to be limited to breaks and lunches now. Normally, that may have sent me off into a little tyrad about how lame my bosses are being and how a few are ruining it for the rest. But not today. That was a "10%" I couldn't control. What could I control? My reaction to their new policy. So off I went vaulting quickly to the solution. I texted and sent a few emails giving folks the heads up that I'm not ignoring them, but work changed their policy and I won't be on call 24/7 anymore. Those that need me know where to find me in case of an emergency. So, rather than getting caught up in the fact that I can't be attached to my cell phone or facebook page all day long any more, I did what I could and moved on. I'm kinda proud of that. ;)

Anyone else tried this strategy? What have you found? If you haven't tried it, give it 5 days and see what happens. ;)


  1. That's a really good attitude...I spent all morning being frustrated because I didn't get enough sleep last night and I really let it ruin the last few hours. I think it's time for a shift!

  2. Hang in there!
    Would it help if I annoyingly left you a cheerful comment every morning? Oh wait.. I think I tend to do that anyway... ;)