Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"I don't believe in the No-win scenerio."

It's probably the most famous creed ever uttered by Captian Kirk (right next to "Beam Me up Scotty"). And while he's a fictional character, the credo is sound.

I'm one of those people who is stubborn. In fact, I can be down-right obstinate. Even today- which wasn't a stellar day, my stubborn Polly-Anna wouldn't quit looking for the good in the day.

After talking with a couple of friends, and getting some good news and some bad news, I decided that I just needed to write. It was somewhere between watching the Biggest Loser and remembering some of the main themes in the Star Trek movie that it dawned on me.

Why is it that I so stubbornly cling to things like dreams, hopes, and goals? Why is it that once I reach something I once thought was unattainable - that I enjoy the peak, and then climb for the next one? What is this thing that makes me push onward?

It's very simple - and it's something that Captian Kirk and I have in common - "I don't believe in the No-Win scenerio."

Even if I don't reach my goals - I learn from them. And that experience is a "win".

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