Thursday, May 7, 2009

"So, what do you want to do for your 30th birthday?"

THAT was the loaded question my mom asked me recently.

Granted, my birthday is about 7 1/2 months away still, but I'm guessing she wanted to gauge what my hopes are...

Warning: Give me permission to dream big, and I will!

So, Mom, here's the list (and the reasoning/inspiration behind them).

*Dinner at one of my top 3 restruants with friends and family. The top three hit list:
Pacifica Del Mar
Napa Rose (Chef's Table)

So, if you clicked on the links, you probably realize that for special occasions, I adore fine dining. Don't get me wrong -I love a good hole in the wall as well, but I also love good food. I love the 'event' of fine dining. I love taking the time to look your best. I love good wine and great company over excellent food. I won't even say it's a 'guilty pleasure'. I've never been to the Napa Rose, but I've always wanted to go - and from what I've read, the chef's table can't be beat (and seats about 12 people)!

* Dinner Dancing cruise with friends and family on San Diego Bay.

* An overnight stay or weekend at the Grand Californian.

I adore this hotel. Yes, it's overpriced (which is why I haven't been there for more than a stroll through in years), but it's gorgeous and their hot tub is terribly relaxing.

So far, I've touched on some pretty higher ticket things, and those would be WONDERFUL ways to kick in my brithday. Since it's in January, there usually isn't a lot going on. People are still recovering from Christmas and New Years.

But when my mom asked what I wanted to DO for my birthday, my first knee jerk reaction was:"I want to run the Disney World Marathon."
What?! Wait... Did that just come out of MY MOUTH?!
So I checked into it a little deeper. It's less than a year away.
I thought, "Maybe I can do the 1/2 Marathon."
Not next year. Registration is already closed for that.
The marathon is BEFORE my birthday by a good 6 days.
So it's the full marathon or no marathon before my birthday, yet keeping in 2010.

As I sat down to right this, it became painfully obvious why I want to do it.

Ready for this?

I'm scared of it.

That's right. I'm terrified.
I've never been a great runner. Heck, I've never even been a GOOD runner, but like I said in a previous post, maybe it's time I proved to myself I've been underestimating myself for too long and it's time to expand that horizon.

Anyway, I'm still considering registering. It will mean making sure I have the time off and the funds to do it, but I'd be a huge hypocrit if I really let the work-able logistics of a situation stop me from living a dream. Running in one of my favorite places in the world may just be the fuel I need to keep going! That - and a good cheering squad. Any voulenteers?

The marathon itself might be a bit unrealistic(due to short training time frame, etc), but that doesn't mean my dream of acheiving something I didn't think I could has to end! I found a couple other options that would be just as awesome.

The Everest Challenge and The Tower of Terror 13k both sound like a TON of fun, and a physical challenge that's nothing to sneeze at!I would need a team mate for The Everest Challenge, and in this economy, that may not be simple to drum up, but both races are still a LONG way off.

I've looked at The Princess 1/2 Marathon and I'm still a little torn about that. I'd have to psych myself up with some "girl power" and pound the pavement! I guess I've never considered myself much of the "princess" type, so the name of the race honestly turns me off a little bit, but let's face it ladies. Even the toughest chick has an inner princess that needs to be appealed to from time to time. Afterall, Pocahontas was a princess, afterall. And Kida was nothing to laugh at either! Who said being royalty made you weak? ;) (And if you don't know who Kida is, rent Atlantis and educate yourself on one of my favorite original Disney Characters.)

So there you have it! Of course, things like an international journey would be wonderful! If only someone would pay my rent, make sure I get my salary for the month, and house site for me for the length of time I'd like to be gone (at least 2 weeks)!

I plan on kissing my 20's off all year this year, and celebrating my 30's next year in a big way. Afterall, it's definately a milestone you only hit once!


  1. Holy Nike shoes, Batman...did she really just say that?!? Well, if anyone can do it, I KNOW you can! Good luck sis, bring those 30's in, in a BIG way, blisters and all. :)

  2. Kari & her sister ran a marathon just a few months ago. I know you can do it. Get training now Princess!!!!

  3. The reason I love you so much is because you dream big. I also have so much respect for you because when you decide you are going to try to accomplish something, you try your best and give it 180%. When you ran in the Triathalon at Disneyland, you were scared, but you fantastic friends to encourage you and you did it. So if it is a 1/2 marathon you want to do, I know you can do it. As the for birthday dinners, etc, leave that up to me and your Dad.