Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rough and Tumble Gals- For Dummies

(This blog is inspired by an e-mail I sent to Computer Guy recently!)

What is a rough and tumble woman?

She may not stand out too much on the every-day crowd.

She's a hard worker.

Her heart is tough, but not hard.

She's simple. She loves what she loves. She hates what she hates, and she stays open minded to everything else inbetween.

She's not the best housekeeper. (She'd rather be living life than doing dishes.)

She has a good sense of humor about herself, but hates poking fun at others.

She can do things on her own, or with friends and loved ones. This can make her seem impatient, but she doesn't want life to pass her by.

She's secure in her boundaries. She's only insecure when she doesn't feel she has something to offer. This is when she needs to be reminded of what she does have to offer that is unique.

She doesn't think sweat is unlady like.

She can enjoy a sporting event in a bar with a beer. But she'd rather be playing said sport w/ gusto!

She dresses for any occasion. Just because she doesn't regularly spend hours in front of the mirror primping every day - doesn't mean she isn't fully capable of dressing for the occasion. Note, the examples below:
Mountain biking trip - appropriate gear worn (shorts, thick socks, tennis shoes, a free Padres shirt that's several years old, gloves, a free messanger bag, and helmet)
After the accident...
A night out on the town - appropriate gear worn (little black dress jewlery, and high shoes)
A day at the theme park - Appropriate gear worn (Jeans, t-shirt, walking shoes)
Me and Lightening McQueen!

She's a woman who'd rather be known for who she is, than what she owns, or what she wears.

She'd rather have a love letter or a simple, thoughtful gift, than all the jewels in the world.

She's a free spirit and will become resentful if she feels caged.

She's a giver.

She's naturally inclined to solve her own problems before asking for help. (So if she asks, she really NEEDS it, and really feels like she can count on you not to turn her down.)

She pushes herself to be good at everything she attempts.

She's passionate and values those who feed passion in their lives.

She knows she is perfectly capable of taking care of, and looking out for herself, but secretly wants to be taken care of as well.

She's both a servant and a leader.

She respects people who can stand up to her, but expects them to pick their fights carefully.

She's quick to apologize and slow to infuriate.

She doesn't like to advertise her vunerabilities. When she expresses these, tread carefully, for you are in the innermost parts of her heart and capable of assisting with great healing, or deeply scarring damage.

She'd loves to adventure and explore, but loves even more to share it with someone equally minded.

She notices when her needs are considered a priority to someone else.

She's stubborn.

She loves hard.

She is faithful.

She chooses to see the best in things and the hope in hopeless situations.

There may not be an obvious way to her heart - but there are many roads that lead to it to those who dare the journey. What you find at the end will be worth the wait.