Friday, March 13, 2009

Down right mad...

Alright - this blog isn't philosophical. It's just a rant. So, my dear readers, consider yourselves warned!

My company is great. I get to come to work in whatever I want pretty much. Gym clothes, jeans, you name it. It's located in a beautiful place in southern california, just a few miles away from one of my favorite beaches. It's a large office space with big windows all over, so we can see the sunshine outside, rather than the many other "dungeon" style offices I've worked at before.

All of that said, we are growing... FAST... in my humble opinion, TOO FAST. Employees are working 6 day weeks and over time almost every day. We have more work than we have employees and we've expanded to the point that no one else can fit in the building (yet they are reluctant to let us work from home). So what's the solution?

Just have the people you have work for you, WORK HARDER and LONGER!

Yes, the overtime is GREAT! Don't get me wrong. It's kinda funny to think of paying off my Disneyworld vacation LONG before I even book my airfare, but it's really burning me out.

What really chapped my hide was this: One of my bosses announces to us that we have an indefinate length of overtime. She can't say it's Mandatory, but it's pretty obvious you'll be treated like a 2nd class citizen if you choose not to let the company eat your schedule alive. However, during this schpeel, she turned toward a gal who had been back from Maternity leave for about a month and said, "Of course, I don't expect any overtime from you. You have a new born at home, so don't worry about it. This doesn't apply to you, but for everybody else, we want every hour you can give us."

This obviously implies "Those who don't have families," (insert-single-people-like-me) "are expected to let us become your entire life. But if you've had kids, you're in the clear." THAT is what kills me!

So I'm steaming and thinking about how IMPOSSIBLE it is to get all the work they've thrown at us done... not to mention being reminded once again that I am not a parent (furkid not withstanding) and that I'm not getting any younger. Gr! It's all terribly frustrating, but the thing that hurt my heart the most? That was something completely different.

I looked around the room and realized that each of these people had someone to go home to. Be it a child, family, spouse, etc... but me? Well, there's a four legged boxer boy waiting on me, but that's about it. He's soothing in his own way, but not in the same way as someone with skin on instead of fur.

So, in being vulnerable here on the blog-o-sphere - I have to admit, there is one thing in this world that would make it all worth it for me. One thing that would help me very happily get through all this overtime and relieve a TON of stress. It's some help. A partner. A soft place to land when I come home from an exceedingly long and hard day... Someone to help with the housework and the regular day to day life stuff... Someone to laugh with...

But for now, "It is what it is."

It will get better. It's only a matter of time.
For those of you who have this to come home to - really appreicate it today, for all of us single folks out there who don't get to -at least, not yet.

(In the mean time... I may just end up in Disneyland once a week to decompress!)


  1. Ouch! I'm sorry about your boss and this situation. Couldn't she have told the new mom she's "off the hook" at another time? Why'd she have to say that in front of everyone?

    I get what you are saying about someone to come home to. I was single most of my life. Never really met anyone that seemed worth it to me. But there were times that I really felt alone. I guess I'm trying to say that I understand. Maybe you could find time to go out with friends and de-stress this weekend! Get your mind off of things! :)

  2. Thanks Carly!
    Yeah, I went out to dinner with friends last night. That helped a bit. Of course, I'm back in the office for day 6 of my work week, but I'm feeling a bit better today since the office is nearly empty.

  3. So what you're saying is your work place is discriminating against you based on your marital and/or family status...

    wait... isn't that ... you know illegal...

    Just saying. But I'm one to start a fight just on the principal.