Monday, March 16, 2009

Making peace with OT

After a bit of a discussion with the powers-that-be today at work, we came to an amicable decision. Here's the deal- work solid overtime for next next couple weeks, and the first week in April they will take us off OT and "re-evaluate" their need for additional staff. Okay. Deal. So during my spring break, I'll be hammering the OT. Of course, I hope my brother's jacuzzi is up and running by then, because I may just be living in it so I can feel like I did SOMETHING fun while I was off school for a week.

This week should prove to be pretty busy, but those who know me know that's the way I like it. Plenty of time with friends and family - and a Disneyland trip on Sunday to boot! Yes, I am working on getting the Disney blog up and running. In fact, if I finish my homework tonight, that will be a great project.

For those of you following my wellness blog, my legs have definately found the "rainbow connection"! I really did a number on them during a fall from my mountain bike on Sunday. I ate - hard. The bruises are still popping up. Those I can handle - now if only the stiffness would go away!

Well, I better get back to work. Get ready for the launching of the Disney blog this week!

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