Thursday, March 5, 2009

Celebrating The Wall

So what, exactly, are the pitfalls of being a "go-go-go" type of person?

There are several, and some of them are very challenging indeed, not the least of which is slipping away from those that can't keep the pace, but tonight, I'd like to introduce you - my dear readers - to a phenomon called "The Wall". It's somewhere between frustration, exhaustion, and complete burn out. It's occasionally accompanied by sickness (the common cold), but usually it's just exhaustion and the desperate need to be a hermit.

Tonight, it's not about sickness. But it is about a little run in with my good friend "The Wall". Work has run me ragged and following my passions, well, requires a LOT of energy. So tonight I'm celebrating - hermit style.

I admit, tonight I am not completely "hermit style". I'll be snuggling up to an Aladdin (or other movie marathon) with my four legged furkid, Clydas. Since I have a free night and a few minor victories to celebrate, I might as well do something...productive with it! Uh oh. There goes that "go-go-go" again!

I'll be "relaxing" tonight, with my good friend "The Wall" by working out at home, returning some movies (possibly renting a few more), reading, and mailing my rent check.

Still looking forward to relaxing. When I'm done with all that... ;)

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