Friday, March 27, 2020

When the World Paused - Day 9

The day was dry, which made it easier to enjoy some outdoor fun. Our obstacle course and maze were washed away by the rain, so we made a little hopscotch course and I included some light kettlebell work into the mix.  It was another great reminder that play counts as movement - and it ALL adds up! I have no idea if I've lost weight during this lock down or not (I only weigh myself once a month), but it's safe to say I haven't spent it sitting around much. 
Our day had the rythm of waking up, doing breakfast and 'checking on' the animals at the San Diego Zoo (via their live webcams), 'going to school' (via online live facebook videos), and then running necessary errands. We picked up our last school lunch for a while on our way to pick up groceries at Walmart via grocery pick up, and a few necessities from a friend's porch. I learned how to sanitize groceries and have cleared off and made good use of our dining room table (which tends to get covered with toys quickly). Then we hung out in the car and drew hopscotch on the pavement and played. 
 We had a late snack picnic in the back of the car of grapes, pretzles, and string cheese before heading inside to relax.

Dinner was delivery sushi after a significant coupon. (Much to my glee, The Impossible Girl has finally decided she likes rolls as well as her favorite Sashimi. She was an expensive sushi date! Now we can fill that hole with rice too.)
Learning to use chopsticks - but rolls are so big! lol
It was a good day, which was much needed after the low of the day before.

I got an email that our Great Wolf Lodge reservation next month is canceled, since they will be closed now through May 19th (instead of April 12th). I'm not surprised, though a bit disappointed that it's further proof the world will be quiet for a long time to come.

I'm incredibly grateful for my friends in the podcast world right about now. Window to the Magic has put out an episode a day, which we are catching up on and loving our audio tours of Disneyland. It's just like going to the parks with my friend Paul (the founder, creater, and all around magic maker behind). Hearing the bustle of human life does my heart good while we cocoon. I've always enjoyed the show, but now it seems to bring an easy smile that feels harder to come by some days.

The weather is turning to cold, windy, and rainy, which makes it easy to want to hibernate inside, but we're doing our best to get outside every day. 

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