Wednesday, March 18, 2020

When The World Paused - Day 2

It's day 2 for us of near complete social isolation. A small rythm is starting to develop to our days, since we began doing this last Friday, but had more options available to go out at that time. Now, we're basically at home all the time. 

From an economic standpoint, it's interesting. I'm still working, though a bit reduced, thanks to technology. I can coach online, though it's far from my preferred way of doing things. 

This morning we took a digital field trip to the San Diego zoo. The kids portion of their website has live cameras in several enclosures. So while we ate our breakfasts, we spotted a tiger pacing around its enclosure, three polar bears having snacks, and an owl looking around as if confused that the park was empty as well. We played games on the website and then 'went to school'. 

We did the preschool's watch party hosted by one of her teachers. She doesn't tend to interact much, but today they did a little education about woodpeckers and talked about a woodpecker they missed seeing at school. She played with blocks (the theme of the week for this week) and showed me what a woodpecker would do. 
Showing me how a woodpecker pecks

 We watched some TV and laid low until lunch. Afterwards we went outside. The Impossible girl rode her tricycles, and did about a million laps through the obstacle course, finding new ways to do it and play with it over the hour or so we played there.

Eventually that evolved into tag in the backyard, hide and go seek, and fort building.

 A popcicle break back inside for a little more down time before my last face to face client 'for now'.
 Finally, dinner and a face tattoo and bedtime.
 Once she was asleep, I wanted to crawl into bed and fade into sleep again. but opted to sit down and do a Zoom call with my in-laws. Not a bad day, but Apollo has the right idea here.

There is something strange about existing during this time. It's terrifying, but it's also incredibly peaceful and quiet. I enjoy the quiet - because we as humans always feel the need to fill it. Some of the most brillant creative thoughts come from quietude and boerdum.  I guess that's how everyone must be feeling right now -hurt, exhausted, anxious, and as prepared as we can be for whatever is coming. I am incredibly grateful for technology and for having a house with land on both sides, so we can play AND be socially distant. 

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