Thursday, March 19, 2020

When the World Paused - Day 3

Today I had to go out and get The Impossible Girl's back up asthma meds filled - just in case. The goal is NOT to end up at the hospital if at all possible. We went to a local Safeway (to pick up the meds and a few loose ends) and, though there were few shoppers, I was surprised at how many people didn't have any interest in keeping the recommended personal distance. Though I expect we've already been well exposed through working in high traffic public places, we're still going to continue to act like we have the bug that we don't want to share - because if we don't we don't want The Impossible Girl to get it.

So here's a quick highlight reel from day 3 in lock down.

Let me say - I am incredibly grateful for technology. If this had happened 15 years ago, it would have been an entirely different ball game. Now, thanks to the net, we can keep up with her school teachers every day through videos they make for us. We can video chat with friends and family, and we have never ending entertainment options at our fingertips thanks to streaming services. The weather is also finally turning, making it easier and easier to want to get outside. Outside has been my saving grace.

Listening to her teacher read a story while she sorts blocks. 

This was why we went to the pharmacy/store today. Food is stocked, but shelves for paper goods were empty by 11am,

Thanks to our local Buy Nothing community, we were able to grab this new playmate for my kiddo, washed, ready and waiting for us outside of her door. It added an extra spark into her day for sure. 

Giving our summer camp sandals a test run on some new local trails we haven't explored before.

It's fun to explore outdoors.

Building balance on a stump
 I can sense the sadness that The Impossible Girl has when she can't reach her friends. She's been amazing at powering through, and we are finding a routine that involves a lot of 'Throw it a the wall and see if it sticks."  Viceo chats with friends and family help, but sometimes she doesn't want any part of them, because they have to end and she'll have to say goodbye and be melancholy for missing them again. Sometimes it's easier just to distract yourself from the pain that is in the outcome. But often times the joy of living in the moment makes it a little easier for a while.
This is what it looks like when a 4 yr old gets to video chat with her school buddy she's been missing over dinner.

While walking through the forest today, I took a deep breath, looked at the kiddo, and had to admit that - while I'm far from a perfect parent - I can say that I believe we are instilling in her the "trust your gut" way of life. Living with intention and a plan is helpful, of course.  It's a place to push off from - but sometimes plans form along the way if you open your mind up to getting there.

This whole experience so far has reminded me too to reach out for what I need. I have a few friends up here and am well supported. Tomorrow, I'll be taking advantage with a request. Helping each other is the name of the game right now. Sometimes you're the helper. Sometimes you're the recipient.  Sometimes you may be a bit of both.

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