Friday, May 23, 2014

H.T.F.U. (Rated R)

So... it's been... a week.

I'm a reasonably stable woman. I've even been accused of being "Spock" (which I take as a general compliment). But even I have my triggers. With the Power Lifting competition cancelled, the news of My Sailor's indefinite deployment, the power blowing outside my house, technical issues that made the desk job a true crawl this week, no soccer game this week and Memorial Day coming up, I was already on edge this morning.

So today, when a power line outside the house blew, I went to the gym to vent some much needed frustration and actually do something productive. (Not to mention get a hot shower...)

On my way back, with my legs barely working, I decided to browse Facebook on my phone as I walked to Starbucks for a ride home. (Power got restored roughly 7 hours later.) In my browsing, I came across a new tank top that I'm seriously considering buying (once they make it in a women's size). I realized it was perfect timing, because the brand name (HTFU) is pretty much the theme for the day - or perhaps the week.

I could either dissolve into a puddle of self-pity for all the uncontrollable things that seemed to be going wrong - or I could look to my amazing friends for support and HTFU.

So, from here on out (at least on this blog), I think I'm going to call today's workout my HTFU work out. And since I was asked if I'd blog a workout today as well - here you go. Good luck.

Warm up -
500m Row,
400m walk,
400m Run

Work out -
 4 rounds
400m run (Buy In Only)
Hanging leg raises (or Toes to bar attempts) x10
Wall walks (10 steps each, with 20 second hold in highest position) x2
Handstand Push Ups x5 x3 (increasing depth each time)
300m run
100m sprint

Move to the Weight Room -
45lbs Bear Complex x3
55lbs Bear Complex x3
65lbs Bear Complex x3
65lbs Squat Set x5  x2
(For these purposes, the 'Squat Set' is 1 Squat Clean from the floor, followed by front squats, back squats, and overhead squats. So this first set would be 1 clean, 5 front squats, 5 back squats, and 5 overhead squats without putting the bar down.)
Double Unders x10
70lbs Squat set x5 x2
Double Unders x10
75lbs Squat set x5 x2
Double Unders x10
80lbs Squat Set x3 x2
Double Unders x5
85lbs Squat Set x2 (Took a couple tries to get the Overhead Squats in solidly)

Repeat first 4 rounds.

*For those unfamiliar with the acronym - it stands for Harden The Fuck Up.*

I have a little more confidence about completing The Murph Challenge on Monday after today. I was invited to watch Lone Survivor with the group and I'm still on the fence about it. While it would be great to meet new people before I go bust a gut trying to complete Monday's workout, that's a hard movie to watch. It was tough to watch when I saw it in the theaters (the last movie My Sailor and I saw together before he left), and I'm not sure how I'll react seeing it again.  And among strangers? Well, we'll see. I'm a definite Maybe.

All my sweat may not have fixed a darn thing -but it did ensure I'll sleep tonight.

No matter what, it's clear it's time to HTFU, harness the battle, and fight.

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